Taking the Road Less Traveled: Choosing Barn Doors for Homes

Traditional Barn Door

Traditional Barn DoorIn a neighborhood with houses that look the same, it’s only natural to want your humble abode to stand out. After all, there’s a pleasant feeling that follows once visitors notice your house. If your house is unique, it reflects your one-of-a-kind personality as a homeowner.

How do you give your house that unique look? Should you repaint the walls? Add some more furniture? Will a full-blown, dressed-up yard make a difference?

Instead of thinking of drastic changes, think simple. Sometimes, a barn door is the answer to your prayers.

It’s All in the Door?

According to Uberdoors.com, a provider of customized doors, most people choose standard wood or fiberglass interior doors for their homes. Some homeowners, however, who wish for a more rustic touch go for the road less traveled — barn doors.

These large wooden panels hang from heavy bars mounted above a door opening. With a set of rollers, the door slides along the bar to the frame’s top edge.

Why Go Traditional?

Barn doors, apart from their unique aesthetics, offer several benefits standard doors cannot. One of the most obvious plusses is their ability to save space. Similar to “pocket doors,” barn doors just slide out of the way. Instead of taking up space by swinging, sliding loses no usable space whenever the door opens.

In addition, barn doors are noiseless as long as you keep the rollers and tracks well lubricated.

The Many Uses of Barn Doors

As mentioned, homeowners looking for a unique touch use barn doors to add a splash of color in otherwise standard rooms. Apart from the additional aesthetics, these doors also divide kitchen and living areas, as well as bedrooms or bathrooms. Since there are no height or width requirements, you can easily customize them to your liking.

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You don’t need a full renovation to add character to your home. A traditional barn door, along with some minor changes, may go a long way.