The Prices of Split System Air Conditioners Will Tempt You to Buy One

Simply because you do not have the budget for duct installation does not mean getting an air conditioner is off the table. Luckily, split system air conditioners exist. Even without ducts, a split system air conditioner is powerful enough to cool different areas of your home.

Fewer Costs & Less Work

Getting a split system air conditioner unit would cost less than ducted systems. On average, you may need around AUD $2,600 to have a split system air conditioner. Prices for the installation differs depending on your selected service provider. Most likely, if you want something good, preparing that amount is enough. Installation prices are lower than that of a ducted air conditioner, and this is no surprise due to lesser work needed.

With a split system air conditioner, you do not need to worry about ventilation. Its unit is ductless. This means you do not have to make major changes in your home’s design. And you know all too well that making major changes to your home can cost a lot — probably around a thousand dollars.

Split Systems vs. Traditional Systems

If you compare split system air conditioners to traditional air conditioners, you will find the former to be the cost-effective choice. Around AUD $5,500 is the average price of traditional air conditioners, and it can go higher than that. Now, compare the aforementioned cost for split system air conditioners. That’s twice the price, and you don’t want to spend that much for the comfort of your home.

Split system air conditioner prices on the market are reasonable. Before anything else, however, remember that you should turn to a professional contractor. Installing a split system AC on your own seems doable. Make sure you can do it correctly, though. You want to avoid re-doing things and end up spending more, right?

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