4 P’s: Planning the Property’s Perimeter Protection


FencePrisons, event centers, academic institutions, hospitals, and manufacturing plants all have one thing in common: the need for perimeter protection. Industrial fencing offers the first line of defense against security threats. These days, you can have the most reliable perimeter protection customized to the needs of your business or residence.

For Your Peace of Mind

Homes and businesses without enough protection from intruders are more prone to small-scale and large-scale criminal acts. Installing a reliable security fence is a proven deterrent to burglary, vandalism, data theft, gas poisoning, and other crimes. When the perimeter protection is more than adequate, it can protect the people and property within even from extraordinary circumstances that threaten peaceful and harmonious living.

The outermost perimeter of any facility is the most important location to arrest the progress of a would-be intruder. When you are searching for security options, make sure that the choice satisfies the four D’s: deter, detect, delay and deny.

It is important to highlight the fact that industrial metal fencing, like those from GreatFence.com, can effectively discourage criminals to attempt forced entry. As soon as the presence of the intruder is known, the outer perimeter security layer also gives the people inside enough time to prepare and respond to the intrusion.

For Your Consideration

As you extend your research on perimeter security, you will realize that it is difficult to single out just one optimum solution. What’s best for your business or residence depends on your security requirements. When exploring options, consider the five most important factors: location, risk, terrain and geographic location, standards, and structure.

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Fence installers in your area can be a valuable resource. Ask them about the security project you are preparing for, and inquire about customization options. Inquire about the use of complementary technologies that enhance detection and protection capabilities. Lastly, learn about the materials that offer the highest type of security.