Bathroom Lighting 101: Brighten Up Your Space the Right Way


bathroomFrom relaxing and recharging, to pampering and grooming, you spend a significant amount of time in your bathroom. Like any other part of your home, bathrooms need good lighting to provide comfort and appeal for your interiors.

Brighten up your bathroom and get inspiration from these unique illuminating ideas:

Beside your Mirror

Placing bathroom lights beside your bathroom mirror will minimize shadows. The lights should be at a face level position and installed on both sides of the mirror to achieve this effect. These can serve as a great accent for the mirror and provide you with enough light when doing your make-up. and Fort Lauderdale suppliers offer bathroom lights that are perfect for this type of application.

Above your Mirror

If space is not an issue, consider either closed or open diffusers above your mirror to minimize shadows that may fall on your face. White, translucent diffusers are perfect for minimizing glare from glass fixtures.

On your Mirror

When going with this option, ensure the finishing in the back is as neat as the front portion—the mirror will reflect the back section of the lighting fixture. This bathroom lighting option is ideal if you’re after a sleek, modern look for the space.

Decorative Bathroom Lighting

Decorative bathroom lights can enhance the overall illumination of your space, while matching other lighting fixtures. This type of light can reinforce the style and mood of your bathroom. For instance, install a chandelier over your bathtub for a luxurious feel. Make sure the finishes and materials of all lighting fixtures complement each other for a unified bathroom design.

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Recessed Bathroom Lighting

If you’re after the modest, clean look, recessed bathroom lighting is your best bet. The lighting fixtures easily and seamlessly blend into the style and architecture of any bathroom design. Position the lights near your bathroom mirror to reduce shadows.

Your choice of lighting can make a big difference on the overall feel and look of your bathroom. Before you jump to conclusions, weigh your options and see which lighting fixture works best for your space.