Frugal Ways to Decorate The Pool at Home

swimming pool

swimming poolBefore you add a pool in your home, be sure it will be worth the cost. It’s not just the construction, but also the maintenance that can make a dent in your budget. Assuming it’s going to be something well used, you want the surroundings to enhance the atmosphere.

Pool costs vary depending on size, shape and depth. Decorating it doesn’t necessarily mean spending a lot.

Get Second-Hand Furniture

What’s a pool without furniture? You don’t have to get lounge chairs, but having one or two for when you want to soak in the sun can be fun. An outdoor dining set or a garden set should be a good addition. And you don’t have to get them brand new. Check out your neighbor’s furniture — they might want to dispose of a chair or two — or a flea market where there are always good buys.

Be creative and add your personal style by repurposing old furniture. They often just need cleaning and some paint.

Go Green

Potted plants can make a difference around the pool area. They aren’t expensive, and they make the place more eco-friendly. For areas with enough space, planting a few trees near the pool is an inexpensive way to decorate.

Some decorate their pools like a pond, with big plants that help provide shade. You’ll have twice the relaxing atmosphere. Flowering plants are also an attractive addition that can brighten the place, especially during spring and summer.

Candle-Lit Pool Area

Decorating with candles can help reduce electricity costs around the pool area. Scented candles at night makes the space look tranquil, and flickering lights give it warmth. Candles in various shapes, sizes, and colors aren’t expensive, yet they are good decorations.

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Get It Fenced

Installing fences around or somewhere near the pool improves the area’s safety. Using the fences as the foundation for trendy ornaments such as fairy lights is another good idea. Aluminum fences, as well as other durable metals, are ideal options, although you can also use bamboo and other inexpensive options, as well.

Swimming pools are meant to be enjoyed. Decorating them should make them a more enjoyable place for family and friends. And you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to design the area.