Love Baking? You Need these 4 Silicone Rubber Gadgets


bakingSilicone, closely resembling rubber in texture, is a material now widely used in many products, especially those commonly used in the kitchen. They are perfect for everyday use, so if you love baking, you should invest in these affordable baking essentials. Besides, many of them can be used for oven-top applications too. lists four of the most investment-worthy silicone rubber bakeware you buy now.

Cookie Sheets

Lightly oiling these cookie sheets gets rid of the messy aftermath of stuck and burnt cookies. You can also use these to prep and bake dough-based goods such as rolls, pizzas, and biscuits. Cleaning is a breeze: you can either just wipe of the residue for another batch, or clean them with some water and dishwashing soap.


Silicone spatulas are very effective in getting all those batter out of the bowl, which lessens waste and makes cleaning easier. They are also very gently on non-stick pans. They neither rust nor corrode. They are also perfect for cooking delicate food such as pancakes and eggs.

Baking Mats

You can use these in replacement of parchment paper to minimise the risks of burning. They also work great as countertop protection from really hot bowls, pans, cookware or bakeware. You can even use them to roll out pastries and other types of dough.

Muffin Pans

Thanks to the non-stick properties of silicone, silicone muffin pans are better than their traditional, or even non-stick counterparts. You can also use this as a tool for creative cooking, like making dough or cookie baskets, cupcakes, baked or poached eggs, and other specialty baking and pastry goods. And since these are freezer-friendly, you can even use them to make ice pops for the kids or Jell-O shots for the adults.

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Take note, though, that not all silicone bakeware or cookware are made of quality materials, so choose a highly-recommended silicone rubber supplier to get all these awesome baking essentials.