Avoiding Wrong Roof Installations

Installing a Roof in Australia

Installing a Roof in Australia You don’t need to be an expert to spot something wrong with your roof or that of your neighbour’s. As important they are in protecting your inner house from the harsh elements, when installed incorrectly, they can be as deadly as being hit by a tornado.

Here are a few tips to help you avoid some of the common mistakes in installing the roof of your house. As far as roof repairs in Perth are concerned, bowerroofing.com.au suggests not forgetting to:

  • Secure your building permit even before you start installing your new roof. Even if it is not the same as building an entire house, home modifications are also governed by certain laws.
  • Properly install starter shingles especially on the eaves section of your roof. This is to prevent water seepage into the underlying sheath of the cut-outs of bottom shingles.
  • Apply the correct type and amount of moisture barrier even before you put on the shingles or any roofing material that you are going to use. Although the shingles can protect your home against the weather, water and moisture can seep into the spaces between shingles. If you did not apply a moisture barrier underneath the shingles, then be prepared for some moisture damage later on.
  • Remove old shingles and roofing materials before putting on a new layer of roofing. It may seem sensible at first for the additional layer of protection it affords, but the additional weight can significantly weaken the entire roofing structure.
  • Secure valley flashings as well as applying adequate water sealant adhesives to prevent buckling and water leaks.
  • Secure individual shingles using the appropriate size and number of nails for each shingle. At the very minimum, four nails can be used to secure a single piece of shingle. The number of nails per shingle can be significantly increased to six especially on parts of the roof that have steep grades.
  • Do not forget to provide ample spaces for air to move freely and escape through the ceiling and your attic. Proper ventilation is also necessary to prevent moisture build-up, which can then significantly weaken the integrity of a shingle over time.

By knowing what you need not forget in installing your roof, you can avoid making the mistakes that have plagued even some roofing contractors. By sticking to the building code that is in effect in your community and asking for the professional advice of someone with a proven track record in Perth roof repairs, you can have your new roof in no time at all.