Dealing with Water Damage-Induced Mold Growth Like a Pro


MoldIndoor flooding is a leading cause of water damage in Ogden homes. Immediately entering your home after a flooding has occurred or allowing the water to dry on its own puts your health and safety at serious risk.

The possibility of mold development and spread increases when you let the water dry without intervention. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises homeowners to have this corrected as soon as possible.

Fungi Growth After Flooding

Many construction materials, furniture, upholstery, carpeting, and other items exposed to water turns moldy in a short amount of time, causing water damage Ogden homes are prone to. Colonies of molds are characterized by patches of white, brown, green, or black fuzzy growths on various surfaces, including walls, floors, wooden furniture, cabinets, fabrics, and clothing.

The Spread of Fungi

Molds, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, multiply by releasing microscopic spores into the air, which are then carried by the wind until they fall on a nutrient-providing source, such as the materials mentioned above. All they need are moisture and organic materials to start growing and spreading like wildfire.

Mold Health and Safety Issues

People who get exposed to molds can suffer from allergic illnesses such as hay fever, with symptoms including eye irritation, coughing, and sneezing; asthma symptoms; and other respiratory conditions. There are also some mold species that generate and release disease-causing toxins as a defense mechanism.

People already suffering from asthma and allergies are those at greater risk from mold-induced health and safety concerns.

Countering Mold Growth After Water Damage

The most important step you have to take to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your valuables is to never underestimate the hazards of water damage, especially mold growth. So, contact a water damage restoration company as soon as you experience indoor flooding.

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