How to Make Memorable Moments with Your Child in Your Garden


gardenChildren, by nature, are very impressionable. They are very open to ideas and most activities presented to them by their parents, family members and friends. One of the best hobbies that any family can gift their children would be a love of Mother Nature’s best.

It’s easy for a child to fall in love with a kitten or a puppy, but having their own garden can be just as fulfilling as owning pets. So if there’s already an existing garden in your home, here are ways for you to make it a bit more kid-friendly so that your children can get to appreciate your love for flora as well.

Create Their Own Space

Start with choosing a place for their own plot. Make sure that it’s within view of where you usually stay in the garden, even next to your own plot of garden plants. Take note of your child’s capacity to work and attention span when preparing the plot for them. You can also put up their own mini-tool rack nearby so that they can feel like a real gardener, just like mommy or daddy.

Make sure that their garden tools are fit for their age and size to avoid any untoward accidents. Let them get dirty and muddy while planting and taking care of his plants too. Encourage them even when you know his seeds will probably never see the light of day. Always remember that your children just might surprise you with an actual harvest of their own. Praise them when they do.

A Place to Play

Don’t make the garden a place of just chores; otherwise, your children might lose interest very quickly. Add in a small playground to the garden — no need to buy those expensive swings and slides. A simple sandbox, a number of rock slabs and a tire swing would be enough for hours of play and imagination for any active toddlers.

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Be sure that there is space for your children to be active, and even a space for them to be alone if they choose to. You can even pitch a small tent or a natural enclosure of shrubs just so they have their own play area. Having these special “secret” places is important to any growing child and they will truly love you for your extra effort.

Sharing a Space Together

In contrast to a play or secret area where your children can be all by themselves without danger, you should also have a place that you can enjoy each other’s company while not necessarily doing gardening. Try a small bench swing or Zen mini-garden where you can sit down, talk, read a book, draw or paint, etc. If you don’t have a budget for it, you can just mark of a part of the garden as your “Special” place so that your children can identify it as such.

Consider this area as an attractive place for you to relax with your children not because of how beautifully manicured and fixed-up it is, but for the memories you will create with your kids when you are there. It’s a simple way to beautify your garden by merely being there with your kid.

Now if you truly want to make your garden extra special, you may need to consider upgrading it with proper regular maintenance, even a bit of landscaping and garden irrigation option. Though this may be added cost, there are many reputable yet affordable gardening companies like Waterworks Irrigation Ltd that can help you keep your garden beautiful and healthy.

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Besides, the times you will spend with your child in that part of the house is priceless so such decisions to upgrade should not always be founded on a price tag. Here’s to more memorable moments with your children in your home garden.