A Simple Guide to Choosing Your Garage Door Opener

Garage Door

Garage DoorFor everyone with a garage, a garage door opener is necessary. There are some simple factors to consider:

  • What type of garage door opener do you prefer?
  • How important is the speed and noise level?
  • What are the important safety features you are considering?
  • What remote access features do you need?
  • Are there special options you need?

The three types of garage door openers on the market are popular in their own right. The noise levels involved in their operation is the most important difference. Ensure you know the differences when you purchase or operate this device.

When you have a bedroom or office behind the garage, noise levels are an important consideration when deciding the type of door you want. Look closely at the kind of controls available. While you have single button remote operations for all types, some may require multiple buttons to operate. With keypads installed outside the house, there are still more options that make for an added convenience in operating the garage door openers.

Ensure you look at the safety features that come with the type of garage door openers. This will help you prevent the occurrence of accidents and mishaps.

Types of Garage Door Openers

Belt drive opener: This type of garage door opener uses belts that prevent metal-on-metal contact. Suppliers of garage door motors in Brisbane recommend this type for its minimal noise when operating.

Screw drive openers: This type has less moving parts. With a threaded steel rod, it runs well and quietly, especially with enough lubrication.

Chain drive garage opener: This has a chain attached to the metal trolley and is one of the common choices of homeowners.

The right choice can save you on garage door maintenance. This will leave you with less to worry about for your home’s safety.