Fascinating Facts of the Colour Green


GreenPainters have entire charts, wheels, and sets of cards at their disposal to help their clients choose the perfect colour for a room or a house. For many people, the difference between wheat and eggshell is negligible and not worth much time. But, the subject of colour is actually a fascinating topic, with multiple subsets across several scientific disciplines, and deserves more attention.

Seeing Green

One of the best cases to demonstrate this point is the colour green. Commonly associated with nature and plant-life, green interacts with humans in several ways that mostly go unnoticed. For example, because of its wavelength, people are more sensitive to green than any other colour. This is the reason humans can see more shades of green, and thus have more colour samples. This is also the reason night vision goggles allow wearers to see things in green.

Calming Greens

Green is also one of the first choices suggested by contractors and decorators, such as gavinchandecorators.co.nz, because of the psychological effect the colour has on people. Green is said to have a calming effect on humans because it’s a familiar sight in nature.

This effect was best demonstrated at London’s Blackfriar Bridge, which was a notorious site for suicides. After officials decided to paint the bridge green, the rate of suicides there dropped by 34%. Now, no one’s saying that green is the answer to preventing suicides, but it doesn’t hurt to alleviate such problems in any way possible.

Sacred Green

Green was also a holy colour in many ancient religions, as it represented fertility and health. The floors of Egyptian temples were green, which was a rare hue away from the Nile River. The use of green in temples persisted in Greek, Roman and even druidic religious traditions because of the same association with life and fertility.

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There are many more facts and stories about the history and application of the colour green, and that’s just one colour in a literal rainbow of different options. The things people can learn about how colour affects and interacts with the rest of the world is one of the most fascinating topics to study, and the subject deserves more attention.