In or Out: Interior vs. Exterior Shutters


ShuttersAre you planning to build a house for your growing family? As you plan on the details of the construction, your concern should also include the safety and protection of your family. Aside from fences and security lights, why don’t you consider security shutters? Perth has companies that offer both interior and exterior shutters. You may want to visit some and make inquiries.

Compared to curtains and blinds, security shutters are great options. They have numerous benefits, whether installed inside or outside of your home. To help you decide on the kind of shutter to use, here are some similar characteristics and significant differences of interior and exterior shutters:

  1. It is more practical to use interior shutters

Interior shutters are easy to install. They are more practical since they act as both privacy barrier and insulator. They allow air to circulate, and don’t require additional curtains or blinds. They suit any room regardless of your house’s design. Additionally, interior shutters add warmth and elegance to your home. Some have louvers that make them adjustable; thus, allowing light and air to come through.

  1. Exterior shutters are a great option for decorative purposes

Exterior shutters are now primarily used for decorative purposes rather than for practical reasons. Although they generally look good from the outside, they entirely depend on the style of your home. Moreover, you may still require additional draperies inside.

  1. Both interior and exterior shutters are energy-efficient.

Both interior and exterior shutters can help you save energy. During summer, closed shutters trap the cool air in your house; during winter, they keep the warmth inside, according to Half Price Shutters. For this, you save on electric bill from heater or air condition. Meanwhile, most people leave exterior shutters open. It is important to take note that during these times, they don’t act as insulators.

  1. For security purposes, exterior shutters are the better option

Aside from the aesthetic aspect, it is wiser to use exterior shutters for security reasons. They provide extra protection from burglars and extreme weather condition.

Both the interior and exterior shutters have various benefits. Choosing the kind of shutter for your home depends on what you actually need.  And of course, your family’s security and protection should matter most.