Tile Grout Sealer: The Secret to Pristine Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom Tile

Bathroom TileTiles are a good choice for flooring in any room in the house, but the bathroom is probably where you find it literally all over the place. This is because tiles are easy to clean and maintain. This also means a lot of grout, which is usually the cause of tile problems.

Most of the grout surfaces in homes are cement-based, so it is likely to be porous. Water can seep in the grout. Aside from water seepage, you have to contend with the build-up of foam from bath products. To prevent grout from getting dirty, you need a good tile grout sealer.

Here are a few things to note when using a tile grout sealer:


The ideal time to apply a grout sealer is immediately after installation, as the grout has had time to dry and cure. Unfortunately, many tile setters do not bother to perform this task unless specifically asked. With that in mind, make sure your tile setter applies the sealer. If it is too late for that, call a professional to clean and seal the grout for you.


There are two types of grout sealers: surface barrier (membrane forming) and penetrating (impregnator). If you have unglazed tiles, it may be better to go with the surface barrier type, as it does not bond with the tiles. You can do a DIY application, but you have to clean the grout thoroughly first.

The penetrating type is a little trickier to apply. The only advantage it has is that the sealer seeps into the pores of the grout itself, so it keeps out water more effectively. When applying penetrating sealer, make sure you immediately wipe off any that gets on the tile. This will prevent unattractive streaks on the surface.

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All sealers wear out after a while, so it is important to re-apply it every one to three years. Reapplication may depend on how frequent you have been using the bathroom. That way, you can keep your grout looking pristine, and your bathroom looking spotless.

Your bathroom is one of the main points that make your home attractive. Don’t let dirty tile grout stop this area from looking its best.