Upgrades and Incentives That Interests Renters


ApartmentThere are many kinds of renters that always look for their choice of residences. There are those that choose apartments, flats, bungalows, or even two- to three-storey houses. However, there are certain incentives and add-ons that can encourage possible boarders to choose your unit.

Here are a few suggestions that you can include in your Perth apartment rental package with Exapt.com.au to increase the chance of being rented immediately.

Child and Pet-Friendly

With rent in Perth becoming cheaper, families are one of the more prolific possible renters and in most cases they would have children and pets with them. You may be a little lenient on scratches on the floors or drawings on the walls but do include provisions for exceptions on repair and touch-ups for such “accidents”. If you can also integrate play areas in the backyard for children and pets, along with child and pet-friendly safety features then your home would attract more interested families.

Install Wi-Fi

These days, everyone owns an Android or Apple phone or a tablet, computer or laptop. Having Wi-Fi connectivity increases your chances of getting interested renters. You can either integrate the internet payments into the rent, making it look like it’s free or just let the family pay for their own internet dues since you’ve already covered the installation fee.

Promos and Discounts

Schemes such a free month rental for the first quarter’s advance payment or discounted deposit can also be a good deal-maker for an interested renter. You can include this feature when you post your rental ad or just mention it in passing at the end of a typical viewing tour of your unit. Just make sure that you include the promo and discount you’ve mentioned or advertised on the lease contract.

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These upgrades don’t really need a lot of money and time to include in your lease or install in your rental. Whatever you decide to implement, make sure that you give an affordable, fair and realistic price for your unit. After all, a good deal on the monthly rental fee is still the best incentive for any renter.