What to Expect if you have a Palm Tree in Your Garden or Backyard

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beautiful garden resortPalm trees require care and maintenance, like other trees and shrubs in the garden. They might be hardy and strong, but you still need to tend to them. Palms are also like other plants that shed off parts that may be relatively bigger than most dried leaves or your hedge’s dead twigs.

While they make excellent addition to your garden, you should know what it takes to care for and maintain a palm, especially if you go for species that grow fast and big. Here are some of the things you should expect.

Falling fronds

Fronds naturally fall and may make significant rubbish in your garden or backyard. Depending on the species, the fronds could be large and long, making disposal hard. Make sure you’re ready to deal with these when you plan to include a palm in your current landscape. Also, keep in mind that falling frond and fruits may damage other plants, or a nearby property or structure. Worse, they may cause injuries to people.

Regular Pruning

Regular pruning is also important to keep dead parts such as fronds and fruit stems from causing potential damages and injuries. Cut these parts down once they are dry and brown.

Smaller palms may need a simple hand pruner, but for large leaf varieties, a pruning saw may come in handy. You may need a pole saw for older trees and taller varieties. For safer pruning, it’s best to leave the job to professional arborists.


Sometimes, when palms grow too big and old, they may only be a nuisance. Removing them could be the best solution. A DIY removal is not recommended, especially if cutting down your palm can cause potential danger to yourself, your house or other properties. For palm removal, Perth specialists use special types of saws to effectively cut through the hard trunk.

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Tree specialists know how to deal with palms and other plants. Ask them and research about what it takes to maintain a palm before you even plant it.