When Safety Matters: Apartment Living and Earthquake Preparedness

Apartments in BrisbaneOne of the advantages of living in an apartment unit in the middle of Brisbane is that most buildings and residential developments have incorporated safety and security measures in their structures. Nonetheless, this is no excuse to be ignorant of emergency preparedness, especially during earthquakes.

With the goals of developing quality structures,the developers of Pointcorp share a few earthquake preparedness pointers you should practise:

Create Your Survival Kit – This is applicable for any natural disaster. Pack a sturdy weatherproof backpack or bag with a first aid kit, bottled water, preserved fruits, crackers, energy bars, canned goods. Make sure you have a blanket, waterproof jacket, and extra clothes. There should also be a rope, flashlight, extra batteries, waterproof bag for your gadgets, and extra chargers.

Prepare Your Home – If you cannot leave your apartment during the emergency, be prepared to stay there for an indeterminate amount of time. Look for sturdy areas in your home where you can stay while any of Brisbane’s earthquake rescue teams get to you. Find ways to hide food and water within reach of these “strongholds”. If you can manage it, turn off all gas, electrical, and water mains in the house.

Have a Contingency Plan – Teach every member of your family the basic emergency regulations for earthquake situations. Discuss the different emergency exits in your apartment building and even visit them together at one time. Let them know where the survival kits are kept and pack one for each, making sure that they are able to carry their packs. Give them directions about your apartment’s assigned “strongholds”. Agree on possible meeting places outside your home just in case the earthquake hits while anyone else is at school or work.

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Your home can be your safe haven even during disasters. You just have to be sure that you know what to do during emergencies.