Why Newlywed’s Should Buy a House Immediately

House Buying

House Buying in AustraliaSo you think that since you have just started a life together, you can’t afford to buy any of the homes for sale in Truganina. Hold on a second, you may just have to change a bit of your spending habits and financial mindset to get that dream house of yours. If you think about it carefully, now is the right time for you and your spouse to buy a house.

Consider these three simple reasons:

You Don’t Have Children… Yet

Children are wonderful additions to the family. They, however, entails the arrival of hospital and medical bills, school payments, added utility use along with more food and shopping expenses. If you choose to buy your home before the arrival of your kids, you have a greater chance of avoiding payment penalties and even improve on your savings.

Two Are Better One

Not only will your combined salaries be bigger, but also your savings. If you both have good credit scores, it would be easier for you both to get pre-approved by a mortgage company. You are also capable of checking on each other’s spending habits. You can remind each other of your set goals and encourage each other to meet those objectives within the agreed timeframe.

Rents Are Getting High

Rentals hardly go down, but it keeps on rising. So does the value of your home if you will maintain it well. True, with rentals you aren’t responsible for repair and upkeep, but you can’t exactly sell your rental either. Owning your own home gives you more chances of getting approval easily for a credit application just in case you go through a financial crisis. You can most likely talk to your mortgage company for a possible solution to your financial emergencies, but don’t expect the same possibilities with your landlord or building manager.

Being married has its benefits. Other than the fact that you have the chance to share your life with the one you love, you also can set financial goals and meet them. After all, helping each other out is the main core of any relationship, especially with marriage.