Basic Practices and Procedures When Trimming or Pruning Trees

Tree Pruning

Tree PruningTree trimming is an essential gardening practice. It is done to maintain a tree’s size and shape. Trimming also helps keep garden trees healthy. In fact, proper trimming or pruning of parts promotes better plant health, growth and development of new stems, flowers and fruits.

This practice can be a little tricky and complicated for a typical homeowner or gardener. This is why most people hire gardening service or arborists to complete the job. Experts from suggest to get professional service to ensure proper care when trimming. This is particularly important when dealing with ornamental trees, big trees and those that require special care.

Here are some of the practices and procedures when trimming or pruning a tree.

Use of clean, sharp tools

According to arborists, trimming tools such as saws, shears, and Loppers must be clean and disinfected before and after an operation. This is to avoid the potential spreading of disease from one plant to another when trimming multiple plants. Blades must also be sharp to leave a clean cut. More importantly, sharp tools also help reduce potential damage in the remaining parts.

Removal of shoots

Some shoots have to be removed to improve the overall appearance and health of young trees. These include shoots growing at an abnormal angle and those that spring from the main trunk or on the roots. This is done not only for aesthetics, but also to ensure that the nutrients are absorbed by healthier, ideally positioned and upright stems.

Pruning during summer

Pruning is oftentimes done during summer, especially for fruit trees. Cuts easily heal during this time and the hot weather helps promote fruit development for the next crop season. Arborists suggest reducing the stems by a third to a half when pruning fruit trees. Main branches must be left intact while lateral stems must be removed.

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To ensure proper and efficient trimming of trees, it helps to leave the job to the expert. Arborists can help you deal with almost any kind of trees – from ornamental and flower-bearing trees in your garden to fruit-bearing ones in your backyard.