Keeping Your Garage Door in Great Working Condition in Three Ways

Garage Doors Maintenance

Garage Doors MaintenanceKeeping your garage door in great working condition isn’t as complicated as it sounds. In most cases, it could be just as simple as performing regular checks and quick repairs. With proper care and maintenance, you can extend the lifespan of your garage door. In return, you can get the best value from it, while keeping your garage and cars secure for years.

Here are some tips on how to take good care of your garage doors.

Clean and lubricate moving parts

Of all parts of your garage door, the rollers and tracks are the most prone to wear and tear. These moving parts need to be examined regularly so you can ensure smooth operation. Gryphon Garage Doors suggests cleaning them occasionally using clean brush. Make sure to remove dirt and debris that are stuck between these moving components. Apply lubricant after cleaning.

Switch to manual operation once or twice a year

Automatic garage doors have to be switched to manual operation at least once or twice a year. This won’t just spare the automatic components from its daily grind for a day, but will also let you see whether there are problems in the system. Try to open and shut it close manually. You’ll feel it in your hands and hear it if there’s an issue. It’s in great working condition if it sounds normal and if there’s no struggle in opening or closing the door.

Solve issues as soon as possible

When opening or closing your garage door becomes unusually difficult, there’s a high chance something’s wrong with its parts. When such problems happen, make sure to fix it immediately. Otherwise, the issue might get worse and lead to serious damage and costly repair. In worse cases, it might lead to total replacement, so make sure to address such problems on the onset.

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Keep these things in mind so you can keep your garage doors in tip-top shape. It also helps if you find time to know how its mechanism works. When problems occur and easy DIY fixes don’t work, seek professional help.