Moving Day: Getting Ready to Move to Your New Home

Moving Day

Moving Day in RockinghamMoving to a new home? This should be an exciting if somewhat nervous time. New surroundings, new neighbours, a new job, perhaps, where you’ll meet new friends. To say that expectation mingles with nerves is an understatement. In all the excitement, there’s one thing you have to focus on: the move itself.

Here are some easy tips to organise your move and keep it easy and as stress-free as possible, under the circumstances.

Change your address at least two weeks in advance

Note down all your bills and subscriptions, and send each one a change of address note. Two weeks will give them enough time to input your new address into their system and avoid lost or returned mail and packages.

Make a list

List down the things you want to keep in their counterpart rooms in your new house. Fewer rooms in the new house? Work on the list, moving items to their new room. If there isn’t enough room in your new house for some of the belongings you still want to keep, hire some private storage in Rockingham, or wherever you’re moving to.

Stop buying groceries a week or two in advance

The lower you are on supplies in the refrigerator, the fewer the things you’ll have to throw out on moving day. Don’t move a refrigerator that isn’t empty or you’ll end up with a mess. Make sure it’s dry; put a stocking filled with charcoal in there to keep it smelling fresh.

Hire professional movers

Shortlist at least three movers. Read the fine print on the contract. Check for insurance, cost and rules for moving.

Bring important things in the car with you

Your jewellery and money should be with you in the car. You’ll be too tired to unpack immediately, so take essentials like toiletries and a change of clothes with you too.

Moving is a challenge, especially if you have many things to bring and not a lot of time. Don’t procrastinate. The last thing you want is to leave things behind because you were panicking on moving day.