Travelling for Work? Here’s Where You Should Stay

Where Business Travellers Should Stay

Where Business Travellers Should StayThe serviced apartment sector is showing modest growth in the hospitality industry. Not only does it cater to long-term renters, it’s also an emerging option of preference for short-term business executives. Those who offer this type of accommodation are altering their services to fit better the niche of corporate travellers. and other specialist accommodation agencies continue to offer quality serviced apartments. As a businessman on travel, you’re going to want to look for temporary accommodation that fits your needs best.

Have you tried staying at a serviced apartment yet? Here’s why you should:

Extra Space

Serviced apartments are 30% larger than the average hotel room on average. The space is typically separated into different rooms, so you’re sure to have your own personal space, even if you’re sharing with a business colleague or a client.

Great Savings

Compared to hotels, serviced apartments are cheaper since apartment guests require fewer services than hotel guests. Despite this, each apartment comes with a furnished kitchen, so you can cut down on dining costs and cook your own meals instead.

More Privacy

Serviced apartments usually have a small staff and apartment blocks generally contain fewer units compared to hotels with a large and elaborate staff and several hundred rooms and units. This means you get to enjoy more privacy and avoid the large hotel crowd.

More Flexibility

Hotel rooms typically have a conventional layout, offering little to no variation per room. Serviced apartments, however, are more varied in style, size, layout, as well as location and architecture so apartment guests have more flexibility with their selection.

More at Home

Finally, a benefit serviced apartments offer that no hotel or Airbnb accommodation could is the feeling of being at home. Serviced apartments feel much like home because they are packaged and built to look like your average home. This allows you greater peace of mind while you carry your business deals.

Make the most out of your corporate trips by staying at serviced apartments that cost less than a hotel but feels as equally comfortable as your home.