Design Flow that Improves Your Home

Home ImprovementDesign is not just about aesthetics; it is also about functionality. Certain design concepts bring out the best in your home without costing a fortune. Home flow adds style, substance and value to your house. The colour combinations, open spaces and views give your house a personal stamp.

These design ideas will enable you to create awesome flowing layouts indoors to outdoors, and vice-versa.

Connecting Rooms

Jigsaw Balustrades cites that the stairs, hallways and open spaces are integral to design consistency and flow. These can be neutral parts of your house that balance the bright colours or vivacious designs of the rooms they connect. Using glass balustrades, plants and light colours create ambiance and make use of natural light. Reducing the amount of furniture in these areas also produces an illusion of space, especially for small houses.

Colour Combination

The right colour combination will create mood and may even stimulate certain emotions. Blend vibrant and bright colours with their lighter tones to create a pleasant design that is both comfortable and pleasing to the eyes. The colours of the hallways and stairs must be either in neutral white or a lighter shade of the paint used in the rooms they connect.

It’s About Levelling

If you want to create a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor design, remove any physical or visual barriers between them. This includes changes in floor levels. You do not have to remove the upper levels of your house (such as the second floor verandah) or keep a bungalow structure. Just choose a design where you can put the higher floors in a section of the home where they do not interfere with the view. A level indoor and outdoor space assure you that they will function like one space.

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Room with a View

A large open space becomes more impressive when it has an incredible view. Orienting the interior of your house to look at a vista through an outdoor space will allow you to take advantage of the view, whether it is the mountain or the ocean. Setting it up this way allows you to enjoy the view from inside and outside your home.

Great design manages to combine the way your house looks and how it functions. A well-designed home has great flow, costs less, is efficient to maintain, and gets you good value for money.