Do Not Ignore These Garage Door Maintenance Ideas During Winter

Garage Door Maintenance

 Garage Door Maintenance in Salt Lake CitySome property owners in Salt Lake City have installed garage doors, but they do not know about which parts to check and maintain regularly. Garage door maintenance during winter is one of the most ignored chores of most homeowners. Unfortunately, that kind of habit mostly leads to broken garage doors during the harsh winter weather.

Price’s Guaranteed Doors provides a few tips to avoid a damaged garage door during the cold season:

Tighten loose nuts or bolts

Using the garage door normally will cause some nuts or bolts to loosen after some time. Check these parts regularly to ensure they are in position and working normally.

Lubricate all the moving parts

If you want the garage door to serve you for many years, make sure that you lubricate all the moving parts. In fact, you only need 10 minutes to do this. For the overhead springs, use a spray lubricant. White lithium grease works excellently on the screw or chain.

Wash the door regularly

Always inspect the door. You may need to sand and paint your steel door if it has rust spots. Wood doors are susceptible to warping and water damage, so check out for such issues. Wash the door with an all-purpose detergent.

Look for signs of damage

Sometimes, merely looking and listening can help you identify a problem before it escalates. Is the door jerking whenever you open or close it? Does it make scraping or grinding noises as it operates?

Test auto reverse features

Test the photocell and mechanical safety reverse features. If your garage door lacks these important features, you may want to repair or replace it to avoid accidents.

Like other components of the home, the garage door needs regular maintenance to function smoothly during the cold weather. Follow these tips to keep your garage door problem-free during winter.