El Niño Poses Water Shortage Threat: Here’s Why We Need To Have Ample Water Stock

Installing Water Tank

Installing Water TankWith the upcoming El Niño phenomenon which is going to affect every continent, especially the people of Australia, who experienced the harsh reality of the 2000’s drought, water resources might become scarce. Many state governments want to drought-proof their state with a more permanent solution. Having homeowners install metal water tanks is one way to deal with water shortage. Why do you need to install a water tank at home or business structures?

1. To save water

People usually rely on dams for water. Since the Millennium Drought, Australia has treated their water resources differently. March 2010 saw the continent struggling with dams at 25% capacity before the floods hit.

The governments have been preparing for the ‘next big dry’, but analysts say Australia is not yet ready. It may be a small step, but having a metal water tank as another source of water is important for survival.

2. No problems regarding water restrictions

Water restrictions are compulsory, limiting the use of water especially for activities which are not important. However, if you have your own tank of water, you have the freedom to use your own collected water.

3. Keep town drinking water

Since more and more people are starting to move to towns and cities, people rely on fresh town water supply. Installing a water tank means that precious drinking water is conserved. You don’t use town water just to water your plants, wash the car or even flush your toilet.

4. Collecting your own drinking water

Rather than buying expensive drinking water bottles, you can collect your own water for drinking by installing a water tank. It saves you money and also helps the environment by minimising the use of plastic bottles.

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When the El Niño phenomenon comes to visit Australia again, you’re more prepared.