Garden Care During the Dry Season

Garden Care

Garden Care in PerthSummer is a great time for your garden to get the sunshine it needs. However, too much of the dry season’s heat is bad. If you do not take proper care of your garden, there is a likelihood that it’ll dry up. Since you definitely don’t want all the hard work you’ve put into it to go to waste, here are few garden care tips during the dry season.


Water your garden regularly to keep it green. The recommended amount of water is about an inch per week. You may use grey water from the bathroom to conserve clean water. In addition, do it early in the morning and not when the sun is out to prevent burning and scorching. Do not over water your garden as it encourages the growth of weeds.


If your garden is healthy, it will suffocate the weeds. However, you may apply the pre-emergent weed killer just before the dry season. You may also use organic weed control products especially if you have children and pets. You can also ask for help from garden maintenance pros in Perth.


Apply fertiliser at least once every three weeks. You may use either the liquid or the granular fertilisers. Water the garden after applying granular fertilisers. Do prior research on the nutrients that require replenishing and the best type of fertiliser to do so.


Take measures to ensure that your garden remains healthy and green during the dry season. Look for ways to enhance water retention while still doing routine maintenance.