Mowing Practices for the Best Lawn Health

Lawn Mowing in Minneapolis

Lawn Mowing in MinneapolisA healthy lawn is everyone’s delight. Some factors influence the health of your lawn. These include the soil, weather, and proper lawn care maintenance. While controlling the weather and condition of the soil is out of your hands, you can practice the best lawn care. If you do not have the time to take care of you outdoor area, you can hire a lawn service.

Here are some pointers on keeping your lawn green and healthy:

Mowing height

Any lawn service provider from Minneapolis, MN would agree that there is a direct relationship between the height of the grass and the depth of the roots. The height at which you mow is important. Mowing it too short adds stress to the lawn and creates the perfect environment for weeds to creep in. On the other hand, cutting it too high makes your lawn appear unsightly and laid over. Using a sharp lawn mower blade ensures that your grass blades are healthy and less susceptible to insect feeding and diseases.

Mowing pattern

When you’ve gotten used to a routine, it can be difficult to adjust. Nonetheless, lack of adjusting can negatively affect your lawn. Remember to change the pattern as you mow; the wheels of your mower tend to leave tracks on the same spot if you are using the same pattern. Alternate your mowing directions – vertical, horizontal, and even diagonally.

Mulch clippings

Bagging your clippings makes your lawn lose nitrogen. These clippings are useful when it comes to maintaining the biological activity in the soil.

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Proper aeration of your lawn makes root development easier, as it reduces compaction. Furthermore, microorganisms are pulled to the surface, which helps in breaking down your thatch.


Watering your lawn reduces the possibility of disease. You can do this in the morning every week, as grass only needs one and a half inches of water.

If you want to have a beautiful lawn, you need to implement the best mowing practices. Using a professional mowing service can be a convenient option, as you can save time and energy without compromising the condition of your lawn.