The All-Season Tavern: Start Up A Backyard Bar

Home Bar

Home Bar in Perth Everyone enjoys going out at night to the bar for a round of drinks. Everybody needs their fix. A night at the bar allows for those cold tasty beverages to be served along with great company of family and friends. But imagine experiencing this joy right within the confines of your Perth home? Just out back to be exact. Go start your own personal watering hole with this 1-2-3 guide.

The Bar

The bar itself will be the centrepiece of this home project. If you have a spacious backyard, then you can place it anywhere you want. By and by, the bar will be the space to store, make and serve drinks and treats. Start by setting up a long table to separate the drink preparation area from the guests. This can be as simple as just fixing up tables, to going home improvement man and building a hut for it. Set the bar up on a decking to get proper elevation. If you want to get an oriental atmosphere for it, you can use bamboo for the flooring of your Perth home. Once everything is set, you can then bring in the effects for storing and making the drinks such as a cooler, a blender, and everything else a bartender would need.

The Drinking Area

Bars are meant to serve people, so accommodate your would-be guests accordingly. Depending on how many people you’d allow on your personal guest list, make sure that there is enough seats to go around. Bring in furniture such as benches, tables and chairs on the patio area. Expand the amenities by adding a sound system to play music for those good vibes, lighting to get that bar atmosphere, as well as awnings to keep everyone dry.

The Poison

It will not be a bar if the watering hole is dry to begin with. Stock up the liquor and beverages you will be using. Plan the nights out you will be using the bar with family and friends, and prepare the drinks according to your budget. Keep them in storage for until you will actually use them. A good idea would be to try different types of liquor and brands from time to time. This way, you get an excuse to open your every week, so you can try your “cocktail of the week”.

This may be a lot of work, but rest assured that it will all be worth it. Once done, you will have a backyard bar with which to host parties year-round. Make sure the well does not run dry. Enjoy your drink.