This Gives Better Indoor Climate and Reduces Electricity Bills

Solar PanelIn Australia, or in any other part of the world, insulating the home should be on the list of your priorities. Doing so will allow you to better manage indoor climate and comfort, while also helping cut down heating and cooling costs.

Many products that help improve home insulation are available in the market. Many of these serve as window treatments. Because windows are some of the greatest contributors to heat loss/gains, you should start improving their functions to prevent further spikes in your electricity bills.

A great way to avoid burning a hole in your pocket is to install a solar film on your window that allows sunlight and heat to pass through.

The primary benefits

Window films come in many different forms, all of which have specific purposes.

Basically, solar films minimise the amount of UV rays – and the heat that come with them – entering through your windows. Specifically designed to deliver protection from the heat and the light of the sun, applying them on appropriately-located windows is a great way to passively design your home.

Protection for more than just UV rays and skyrocketing electricity bills

With solar films on your windows, you also protect your expensive furnishings. As you know, UV rays can damage the skin as well as shorten the life of your carpets and other pieces of furniture. In addition, because solar films act as a bond for glass panes, says the films can reduce the possibility of breakage, especially when hit by something with enough force to turn them into flying shards.

All in all, solar films, although primarily used as barriers for the damaging effects of UV rays, can also help you avoid wasting resources on heating and cooling costs and furniture damage repair.

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