4 Items That You Should Never Include in Your DIY Move

MovingWhen moving to a new place, whether a new home or office in Denver, you have to prepare in advance. Moving involves not only packing, but also lifting, carrying, loading, and unloading them to their final destination. Although many of these items you can transport on your own, there are just some that you should never attempt to move on your own.


When it comes to items that weigh a lot, such as safes, you should let trained individuals handle them. These objects typically weigh, at the very least, 300 pounds, which means that they require specialized equipment for safe and secure transport.

Incorrect lifting, carrying, loading, and delivery of safes can lead to serious property damages and personal injuries.

Expensive and fragile musical instruments

Pianos, cellos, and drum sets are just a few examples of expensive and fragile musical items that you should leave to the hands of professional movers and storage companies in Denver. The smallest bump can already create a dent on these costly items, something that they are at huge risk of when mishandled.

Dents on musical instruments do not only cause aesthetic issues; they can also cause issues with the quality of sound they produce, resulting in their value going down.

Glass furniture

Leave any large furniture that comes with huge portions of glass in the hands of professional movers. The last thing you want to happen is to have broken glass everywhere, the shards of which can cause serious injuries.

Automobiles and other types of vehicles

Professional movers are your best bet when it comes to moving automobiles, motorcycles, boats, and any other type of vehicle. They have the means and the equipment to lift, load, and unload these costly items, things that you most likely do not have access to.

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Moving, in itself, can be quite the nerve-wracking experience. But with the help of an expert, you can prevent the disastrous consequences of doing it yourself.