Important Parts of a Staircase to Keep It Safe and Appealing


Staircase in PerthAdding a second storey to your home is a good investment if you think your family needs more living space. This is a good alternative than buying and moving to a bigger house and lot. Most people do this if they are starting a family or adding more children than they’ve planned when they bought their house. One of the most important factor to this is the staircase. It should be sturdy, safe, and strategically located. 

Here are some of the most important factors when building or choosing a staircase.

Rise-to-Run Ratio

The rise and run pertains to the distance (height) between each step and the width of every step of the stairs. The rule of thumb is the rise should be seven inches and the run should be eleven. This is the safest measurement that will help avoid slips and falls. The rise and run should be consistently measured in each step. One wrong measurement and you’ll disrupt the rhythm of people taking the steps, making them susceptible to falling.


Aside from the steps, another important part of the staircase are the balustrades. The absence of which will make your steps unappealing and dangerous. That’s why you need to choose durable balustrades that also complements the appeal of the house. Perth City Glass recommends glass balustrades, which look great for elegant home designs, while wood will fit in if you’re aiming for a rustic appeal. Generally, the balustrades should much the steps and the overall look of your home.


If you think an additional area to make your stairs wider is necessary, you should have an overhang. This will make climbing up and down more comfortable and safer. Additionally, it protects the stairs from damages caused by shoes especially with heels.

The staircase is a very important part of building a second storey because it connects both storeys. Make sure it’s as safe and appealing as possible.