Your Ultimate Guide to Buying Solar Control Film for Homes and Vehicles

Window Films

Window FilmsHouses and vehicles without the right kind of protection can be vulnerable to sun exposure and heat damage. Some rooms are impossible to occupy due to build-up of heat from sunlight streaming through windows. Meanwhile, vehicle owners may find it difficult to drive when fully exposed to potentially harmful UV rays.

Sun control film for residential and automotive use

Too much heat and radiation from the sun can damage your property, not to mention may cause illness. All you need to do is to install quality window films, says industry expert Cleargard Australia. Heavy-duty window tints with strong adhesives easily attach to window glass. As long as they are in place, you and your family can feel safe, secure, and protected. How do you choose which sun control product is good enough?

Do not prioritise price over quality

First, you should not buy cheap. Homeowners who choose window tints based on price alone soon realise their mistakes. They suffer the consequences, and sometimes spend even more than they would if they only invested on a high quality product in the first place. When you’re out shopping, remember that manufacturers will only offer a good warranty on solar film that lasts and provide adequate protection.

Learn about the degree of protection offered by the film

Clear window films offer more than 50 percent protection from heat and glare, while also providing insulation during the cold months. Other films are highly reflective because of the addition of bronze or silver particles. These metallic UV reduction films can offer as much as 98 percent protection, and by using two layers you can boost this to 99.99 percent. You may not be partial to the shiny appearance of the film, but if someone at home is allergic to UV radiation, then he or she will receive better protection with what you initially thought was less appealing.

Buy only good quality products. Not all premium quality items come at high prices. Manufacturers of reliable and full-featured window tint film also offer affordable products. You only have to scour the marketplace and explore available options.