Five Decorative Glass Types and Their Unique Features

Decorative Glass in PerthGlass is popularly known as a design element for many residential and commercial applications. Other than its durability and low maintenance features as a building material, the material is well-loved for its versatility as an aesthetic feature.

Glass comes in a wide variety of decorative types. When you buy glass in Perth, for instance, you can find them in numerous sizes, thickness, colours, textures, designs, and customisation options for different style applications. To learn about your options, here’s a quick guide to the different types of decorative glass you can find in the market.

Acid etched glass

Acid etched glass is characterised by its frosted look and decorative patterns. It is used in indoor and outdoor applications in domestic and commercial settings. It is treated with an acidic material like hydrofluoric acid. The result is a beautiful surface that diffuses transmitted light and reduces glare.

Bent Glass

Bent glass is made from flat glass formed into a curved shape with the use of extreme heat. It can include various decorative features to suit different style requirements. It comes in acid-etched, tinted, and patterned types. It is commonly used in stair rails, skylights, commercial windows, etc.

Channel glass

Channel glass is a structural glass system installed to create stunning light transmitting walls. It can be fashioned into arcs and serpentine walls, as well as into tower or column designs. It is used extensively as decorative screens, stylish partitions, and similar design applications.

Patterned glass

Patterned glass is also known as obscure or textured glass, explains. It is characterised by different texture and patterns imprinted on the surface. It is popularly used as a shower enclosure, partitions, patio furniture, privacy windows, and many decorative glazing applications.

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Crystal cut glass

Also known as brilliant cut, crystal cut glass has polished grooves that result into various designs. It is available in a range of textures and obscurity. Other than its classic beauty, crystal cut glass is also long-lasting and easy to clean.

These are only some of the many types of decorative glass in the market. Look for a reputable manufacturer or dealer to learn more about your options.