Master Planned Communities: The Next Best Trend in Suburban Developments?

Suburban DevelopmentsLife in the suburbs seems to be the standard of living these days, and what’s there to contest? The suburbs have evolved from its humble origins as a slice of rural life near the big cities. Nowadays, many of the most well-known suburban developments are giving the big cities a run for the money due to how accessible and convenient it is to live in.

So, what’s next for Philippine Suburbia? The evolution of the country’s suburban sectors are going beyond simply being accessible and convenient to becoming truly master planned communities. But, what exactly are the perks of living in this kind of suburban development?

The Master Plan

The concept of a master planned community combines accessibility and exclusivity. They aren’t unlike the elite suburban developments that you can find in some of the more reputable neighborhoods in the country. The only difference is that these communities are more realistically reachable and don’t have absurdly high price tags.

Security and exclusivity are arguably the biggest benefits of living in any master planned community. You can say that it’s like an upgraded gated subdivision with extra features and a more close-knit community. These developments are arguably the ideal place to start your family as compared to the bustling city centers, your children will have a real place to truly live, learn, and be active.

Apart from security and exclusivity, what are the other perks of living in master planned community? Lancaster New City Cavite doesn’t deny that one of the main things that draws middle income owners to their township is the affordability of the properties, but they say it’s more than that.

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Accessible Communities

Accessibility is without a doubt the best thing about these upcoming developments. Lancaster New City Cavite, for example, has their own private schools and strip mall located within the residential community and just a stone’s throw away from the development respectively.

This is one of the emerging trends in all suburban developments. As more and more people are returning to the suburbs from the big cities, it’s necessary that these residents have access to all the modern conveniences of everyday living without having to drive long distances just to get there.

Of course, there’s always a risk that the suburbs will eventually ‘evolve’ and become city centers in their own right, but that’s the great thing about master planned communities. They will always retain that air of exclusivity; a quiet retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the country’s increasingly crowded metropolitan scene.

If you’re still looking for a place to start a family or retire, a master planned community is the ideal choice if you want a place where you can actually live a life of comfort.