Tell-Tale Signs of Siding Damage after a Storm

Siding Repair in Salt Lake CityFierce storms in Salt Lake City can cause more damage or destruction to your siding than you could imagine. They come with all manner of ammunition including sleet, hail and rain. To repair or replace the siding, it is important to know the signs of damage.

These are some signs to check immediately after a storm:

Holes and Cracks

The eaves and gutters may protect the upper part of the house from a lot of damage, but this depends on the age of your house. Nevertheless, you should look for holes and cracks on the walls, especially on the lower side. Older siding tends to crumble easily because it is more brittle.


Dents are common for aluminum siding and are often located between the ridges and panel. Heavy objects usually cause dents, but lightweight objects can also be thrown around in your yard. You may want to inspect for the dents at different times of the day because sunlight may affect the way you perceive them.

Blown Off Sidings

It is common for sidings to be blown off. This may occur for two reasons: aging framing and fasteners or a too powerful gush of wind. Once the damage starts, a whole section of the wall can be ripped off, leaving the inner sections of the wall exposed. If you notice this kind of damage to siding, industry expert¬† says it’s best to consider¬†replacement or repair sooner rather than later.

Siding can develop a few problems after a storm. It is usually the end of the road for a damaged siding. Take your time to access the damage and decide which issues need to be solved immediately. If replacements are needed, embark on your search mission immediately to increase your chances of getting a match.