Keeping Warm: Clear Signs Your Furnace Requires Replacment

Furnace ReplacementA furnace is a must have for every enterprise, be it residential or commercial. It comes in handy in the cold season to help keep warm. Despite the long life of most furnaces, there are certain signs that show that a replacement is needed.

Frequent Repairs

An aged furnace will need more frequent repairs. You will always find yourself hiring a technician to do the repairs. This is a clear indication that the equipment has worn out and you need the services of experienced furnace installers, says All Hours Plumbing.

Noisy Furnace

Your furnace blower might begin running constantly or cycle on and off. It might also creak, bag, squeal, or make some odd noises. These are signs that a furnace failure is about to happen. Make plans with one of the furnace installers.

No Warming Effect

When your thermostat and furnace are functioning properly, a minor adjustment should have a warming effect on the room. If at any time you turn them on, and it is still cold, you can call a technician to either examine or repair or to install a new one.

Yellow Flame

A healthy furnace should burn in a light blue flame. A yellow flame could be as a result of carbon dioxide leak which can be harmful to your health. Other signs that indicate that your furnace is malfunctioning include rust on pipe connections, condensation on walls or windows, and soot around the furnace. If you happen to observe any of the above signs, your furnace needs either a repair or replacement.

Increase in Utility Bills

Continuous increase in heating bills could result from a furnace problem. Furnaces that are malfunctioning and are in disrepair are known to consume more fuel. This is a clear indication that you furnace is wearing out and that you need a new installation.

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In some cases, some of the signs named above can be solved by minor repairs. In case you observe any of the signs, it is advisable to consult a technician who will determine whether it is a new furnace that is needed or just minor repairs.