The Grass is Greener on your Side: Lawn Mowing Tips

Greener Lawns in MinneapolisAdmit it, at some point in time, you have judged your neighbor for having an unkempt lawn. Tall, unhealthy grasses in the summer are not only uneasy for the eyes, but could also project a negative impression. However, achieving that healthy, well-kept lawn is not easy, it is possible. You can do it yourself, or avail various Minneapolis lawn mowing services.

Here are simple tips that can help you have that kind of lawn envied by many.

Maintain the height

While the goal of mowing is to cut the grass to keep your lawn looking clean, you should take note that different grass types require different minimal height. Know your grass type and research on the right height for it to be able to recover and grow again.

Do not shave

Maintaining the right height is hard, so you just decided to shave it all, hoping you and your grass can start from a clean slate. This is wrong. Totally shaving your lawn would affect the roots of the grasses which in turn would affect their growth. It will be exposed to different elements causing it to become brownish instead of having that healthy green glow.

Change your mowing pattern

Grass grows towards the direction where it is mowed. Changing your mowing pattern weekly can allow the grass to grow straighter and healthier. Use both your left and right hand and go with the flow of your machine. Guide it instead of controlling it.

Speed is essential

Mowing quickly could lead to a haphazard looking field. Take your time to be sure that all parts are covered evenly.

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Lawn mowing services

When all else fails, seek help. Let a professional lawn mower do the job to help save your time and energy while giving you that well-kept grass that you have always dreamed about.