Marble Countertops: A Look At Their ‘More and Less’ Varieties

Marble Countertops in TaurangaMarble is one of the most sought-after materials in homes today. Consistently reliable and unmistakably premium, marble makes for a sound installation choice in everything, from floors to countertops. But homeowners should know that the process requires several considerations to maximise any marble slab’s value.

According to professionals from Prestige Bench Top Limited, one of the most significant considerations is the type of finish each marble fixture comes with, which are the following:

  1. Honed

Wherever marble is sourced, be it from a local supplier or one of Italy’s renowned quarries, it takes an ungodly amount of effort to turn a single, solid piece of rock into a tile or a block or a countertop. Contrary to what many people believe, there are actually multiple steps in between marble’s extraction from the earth and it becoming a sculpture or home fixture.

If mentioning these numerous processes worried you about losing marble’s natural look and feel, then a honed marble countertop is for you. By sanding the stone just enough to achieve a soft, matte finish, marble suppliers are able to provide a material that does not scratch as much as its polished counterpart does, but with the trade-off being the stain-prone surface. If you do decide to install porous, honed marble, exercise great care in handling liquids over it.

  1. Polished

If staining feels like it would be a considerable issue in the future, and if you do not mind (or actually prefer) shiny marble, choose the polished variant. The intensive polishing will flatten out any pores that may be on the rock itself, but note that this effect tends to wear off as the marble undergoes consistent stress and scratching.

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With matters of cost, appearance and maintenance involved, it would serve homeowners well to do ample research before purchasing and installing any marble fixture. Whether you go with the honed or polished marble variants, see to it that you handle them well and keep them clean at all times.