Road to Recovery: Unique Gifts for a Hospitalized Friend

Unique Gifts for a Hospitalized FriendHow long will your friend be at the hospital? One, two or three weeks? That’s going to be an eternity if they can't do anything other than lie in bed. While well wishes, fruit baskets and bouquets of flowers are nice, here are a few more creative and enticing options that you might want to give instead.

Food Trip

Hospital food isn’t fine dining, but it covers the nutritional needs of every patient in the hospital. If you can't work around your friend's required diet, try making their meals more pleasing to the eye by adding touches of color. If sweet treats are okay, ask the medical staff if you can give what you baked in bright and vivid decorative cupcake wrappers. Better yet, transfer their food to colorful containers before serving them.

Movie Night

Cable TV is okay if you simply want to keep surfing shows and random films. Make it a special evening of horror, comedy, romance, or action and marathon your favorite shows. Bring a laptop or DVD player to hook up to the television. Try and bypass the popcorn and shakes if they're not allowed for your recovering friend. Nevertheless, just watch the movie and have fun.

Art Jam

Most hospitalized or bedridden patients don't have options for a hobby other than watching TV programs. Introduce a new hobby to your recovering friend, such as painting, writing, or video games. Whatever hobby that is, make sure it's of interest to you as well to make sharing with your loved one a lot easier.  Remind them that trying something new is fruitful as it helps focus their attention on something creative instead of letting them wallow in their present circumstance.

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People can think up of the most creative ways to make their friends or loved ones feel better given the right motivation. Keep in mind the smiles you will be earning from them and their speedy recovery. That alone is enough encouragement to continue entertaining them while they heal.