Don’t Get Blown Away: Is Your Home Ready for Hurricane Season?

StormStorm seasoning is coming, and with it comes storm damage. While you can’t help the weather, there are some ways to fortify your home against the strong winds and intense rainfall.

A study concluded that the biggest danger to people during hurricane season is the debris that the strong winds carry. Concrete walls often offer sufficient protection and the researchers consider them more storm-proof than walls made of wood or steel. A house, however, is not just made of walls. There are parts of your home that need extra fortifying.

Hold the Door

Pretty, ornate doors add to your home’s aesthetic appeal, but if they’re weak, they can be a health hazard. recommends making sure your doors are installed properly and are strong enough to withstand the weather in your area. A reinforced, custom door can give you extra protection against hurricane winds carrying debris.

Keep the Lid On

Your roof protects your home from the winds and rainfall that comes along with hurricanes. It is advisable to seal your roof deck and install high-wind rated roof coverings can strengthen your roof. If you’re replacing your roof entirely, consider installing it with shank nails instead of smooth ones or staples.

Watch the Windows

Hurricane winds can sometimes be so strong that they break the glass from your windows and shatter into your house. Fortify your windows by attaching hurricane window films or storm shutters. Reducing the vulnerable openings of your home will go a long way in minimizing storm damage.

Storms are inevitable and unavoidable. It is a given that your home will have to take the brunt of nature’s wrath. Fortunately, preventive measures to lessen the damage can save you time, effort, and from possible injury when the rain starts to pour.

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