What is the Fate of Water-Damaged Photos?

Water Damaged Wall in UtahYour home is recovering from a recent water disaster. Everything is in disarray and appears beyond remedy. This includes your wedding photos. Is there anything that can reverse the effects of water damage on these possessions? Worry not, here are several steps that could help salvage your photos during the water removal process.

Act Fast

Recovering photos after water damage is a race against time. The longer you take to start the work, the more the photos are damaged. First, you must ensure that the photos do not dry together. The moment they dry, they will stick together. Second, get safety pamphlets such as the Utah Natural Hazards Handbook and learn specifics to preventing further damage to photos.

Freeze the Photos

An effective photo reclamation technique is freezing. The importance of this approach is that it gives you time to go over other things before attending to photos more keenly. According to water removal experts in Utah, freezing and other related methods not only prevents your items from drying, but also reduces the chance of mold growth.

Hire an Experienced Recovery Team

Once you delay damage, it is now time to talk to a photo recovery expert. Remember to notify the insurer as well and take photos in case the compensation process becomes hectic. Recovery methods might be as diverse as the type of paper differs, so allow the recovery team to take their time. They may work on some of the photos on-site, while others may need additional attention.

Salvaging photos from water damage is one of the most intricate processes you will ever encounter. While you have a role to play in preventing water from entering your home, saving your most prized possessions is still best at the hands of an expert.

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