What To Do With Your Backyard When You Hate Plants

Great backyard ideasIf you have a huge backyard but is not exactly the type to get down on their knees and put their green thumb to use, what do you do? Don’t force it and watch the trees and greenery suffer. Consider these non-plant related options instead and make your backyard the haven that you want it to be.

Build a Pool

The easiest way around the dilemma of making the most of your yard without depotting any plant is to build a pool instead. You can look up reliable Brisbane pool builders and let them work their magic. You can entertain your guests by the pool, throw a party or just spend a lazy Saturday afternoon by your backyard pool.

Build an Outdoor Party Area

If a backyard pool is outside your interests or your budget, consider an outdoor party area instead. You will just need an area for cooking and an area for entertaining. Buy a simple outdoor grill and have it installed against a wall. A mini bar could also come in handy to avoid running back and forth to your indoor kitchen when serving drinks.

You can repurpose your old couches or paint boring folding chairs and build a simple roof over the party area to protect you and your guests should it rain or if the sun is too harsh.

Or Just Hang a Hammock

These ideas still require too much work? Find a good spot in your backyard and hang a hammock instead. Complete the look by adding string lights and you got yourself a cosy outdoor reading area. If you have a nice and blank wall, you could use this to project a film for movie night. Or simply stargaze when the weather is nice out.

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Keeping a nice backyard is not meant for those with green thumbs alone. Everyone can do it with the right amount of creativity, ingenuity and motivation.