Re-evaluating The Relevance of the Traditional Conference Room

Traditional Conference RoomSome say the traditional conference room is now unnecessary. Or at least that’s what contributor Christine Lagorio-Chafkin says in her article. She shares five alternatives to the conference room, each of which being a miniature version of an auditorium. It is said that companies around the world are quickly adopting these meeting room designs for their offices.

Does this mean the conventional conference room is no longer needed? Not necessarily. Such a room is still relevant in today’s corporate landscape, so don’t ditch those boardroom tables yet.

Boardrooms For Starters

You may think conference rooms are reserved only for big companies. This isn’t true, as such function rooms work for small businesses as well. It’s easy to understand why. Small businesses have an image to cultivate unlike their already established counterparts. To do so, they have to project a professional, sophisticated image.

Business deals can be made and/or sealed in a place such as a coffee shop, but it doesn’t radiate professionalism. It’s more of a laid-back, casual ambience that’s likely to throw potential investors or clients off. A dedicated conference room can help eliminate doubts with regards to a start-up’s reputation.

It’s All About Function

There is one big problem with adopting an auditorium-style meeting area: interaction. In such a space, the audiences (i.e. employees) are mere spectators. They may still have a chance to interact with the speaker, but it’s likely limited. That’s detracting from the ‘personal’ feel of a conference room. It’s highly likely for employees to act disinterested, especially if they’re seated at the top.

A traditional boardroom, on the other hand, radiates a more intimate atmosphere. Presenters and/or speakers are within the listeners’ effective range, which helps with maintaining attention. Ample opportunities for interpersonal interaction are present. If the speaker/listener wants to ask a question, a quick, meaningful, and personal banter is expected in such a setting.

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Don’t ever think of getting rid of the conference room just yet. Despite the prevalence of video conferencing and whatnot, a dedicated function room still never fails in projecting a sense of trustworthiness and professionalism.