Simple Practices to Maintain Good Indoor Air Quality in Your Home Year-Round

Air Duct Cleaning in Eagle Mountain

Air Duct Cleaning in Eagle MountainA statement from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has raised alarms in the minds of homeowners. In a report, the EPA stated that pollution level inside homes could be higher than outdoor levels. Sources of these pollutants include combustion of fossil fuels for cooking and lighting, emissions from building materials and toxic paints, damp furniture, and chemical products used inside the house.

Improving Ventilation

High concentrations of pollutants are dangerous to your health. You can improve the quality of the air your family breathes by letting a professional conduct a comprehensiveĀ air duct cleaning service. You can also reduce the harmful effects of pollutants by making the effort to improve ventilation in your home. The simplest way to lower indoor pollutant concentration is to increase the volume of air coming in from outside. Open a few windows and doors at regular periods to dilute indoor pollutants. If natural ventilation is not adequate, install ceiling fans at strategic places. Makes sure exhaust fans operate properly at all times. Lastly, if you do something indoors that increase the concentration of pollutants such as sanding or soldering, make sure you do not close yourself in. If possible, do these activities outside if the weather is pleasant enough.

Keeping Air Clean

It helps a lot if you are conscious about keeping indoor air clean by avoiding activities that release or produce pollutants. Do not smoke cigarettes indoors. Do not bring shoes used outside indoors. Leave them at the door. Avoid using chemical odorizers and cleaning products. Choose organic products instead. In addition, keep upholstery and beddings clean to lower the concentration of allergens.

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Some people have responses to indoor pollutants. Do not risk the health of your family members. Do not expose them to dirty, polluted air inside the house. The importance of ensuring good indoor air quality is verifiable. The health of everyone residing in your home relies on the cleanliness of the air they breathe. Follow simple but helpful practices to maintain good indoor air quality.