Combining Farm and Function: The Amazing Benefits of Edible Landscaping

Edible LandscapingHave you always wanted a larger vegetable, fruit, and herb garden, but you are actually considering filling your front lawn with them? Fortunately, you can choose to have a meticulously designed edible landscape on your lawn along with choice ornamental plants. Other than giving off a certain charm that's different from the typical flowering plants, an edible landscape has more benefits to offer.

It Requires Less Fuss – Vegetables, fruits, and herbs are usually hardier than ornamental plants and they can also give a touch of color and life to your lawn. Their maintenance is mostly composed of you harvesting your produce, making sure that they receive enough water and sunlight and they'll be looking aesthetically appealing on their own. To keep them intact from enthusiastic neighbors, pets and pests who would like a "taste test" of your harvest, best that you put up a DIY aluminum fence around your yard.

It's More Useful – Having edible plants "decorating" your lawn can provide you with more food and can contribute to your household and environment's better health. Also, edible gardens reduce spending on your budget for food purchases and transportation to the supermarket. You can choose to sell some of your produce. Edible plants also help provide food and shelter for animals such as birds, earthworms and butterflies.

They’ll Get the Neighbors Talking – Your edible lawn plants will definitely get the neighbors talking – to you, that is. Showing the wonder of growing food in your own home can attract a number of interested individuals within your area and may even start them growing their own vegetable gardens. Not only can your garden become a great conversational subject in the neighborhood, but also an inspiration to others to make better use of their yard space.

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Gardening need not be all about aesthetics. Using edible plants as your yard's ornamental feature offers a number of great possibilities for your property's beautification. And if you do it well, you'll definitely be proud of the literal fruits of your labor.