4 French-Style Items for Your Room

French Style

There is something about French style that radiates class and sophistication. From fashion design to architecture, there are one or two things we can pick up from the French to improve our wardrobe and home décor.

If you are planning to infuse French-style items or furniture to your room, you do not need a renovation to make it work. There are certain colour palette you can use for your room to achieve Parisian chic style, but if a paint job is too much work, you can key items for now. Here are four items you should get for your room to make it more classy,  stylish and definitely French.

Vintage Chandelier

French palette is usually on the subdued side, but sparkly antique furniture can give your room a unique touch. A vintage French chandelier is not only elegant addition to your bedroom, but it is also a call back to French chateau designs.

Plantation Shutters

It needs installation, but plantation shutters are more than its aesthetic value. It is also a protection from the weather and an added reinforcement to your bedroom’s security.

Ornate Chairs

Ornate chairs are somewhat a staple for any French-style décor. The Louis chairs, named after the four monarchs of the house of Bourbon, are great examples of French ornate chairs. Sitting down on one of these wood carved armchairs sure feels like royalty.

Silk Drapes

The French also love the grand design. Adopt this by installing silk drapes to your windows that pools down to the floor.

French style is widely popular because of its elegance and sophistication. The French have a talent for creating elaborate designs executed in a subtle way so it would look effortless, something the rest of the world is trying to duplicate. You do not need expensive renovation to achieve this. You just need some choice items to pull it off.

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