Green Thumbs Up: Start Gardening the Right Way

Gardening Many of those interested in starting their own garden hesitate because they think they aren’t born for it. What they don’t know is that they’re missing out on a lot just because they aren’t trying. If you’re looking for ways into gardening, but don’t know where to start, here are a few helpful pointers.

Get the right tools

No self-respecting gardener would go out without tools in their hands. You need the right tools and equipment at hand. They don’t have to be sophisticated. Shovel, rake, weeders, and scissors are sometimes all you need. Having a garden shed can help you keep them in good condition. Cedar Shed and other garden shed manufacturers say that such structures should be durable and withstand the forces of nature.

‘Practice’ with veggies

Gardening is a test of patience. More often, beginners feel disheartened when they don’t see any progress on what they’ve worked so hard. You can avoid this by starting with planting vegetables. They grow easily and you can see results after just a couple of weeks. You’ll feel accomplished and make you more confident when trying more ‘complicated’ plants.

Mark your calendar

Your calendar helps a lot when tending your garden. Plan ahead when you’ll start putting fertilisers or planting seeds. Daily reminders to water the plant is great unless you have a sprinkler with automatic timer.

Ask other gardeners

Don’t be afraid to ask other seasoned gardeners if you know one. Having someone who can offer help and advice is valuable, and make you even more confident.

Don’t be afraid to fail

Again, you need to be extremely patient when it comes to gardening. Things may not go well after a few weeks, which can be frustrating. But take the good with the bad and try to take note what went wrong, so they won’t happen again. Don’t be afraid to fail and feel disappointed and chalk mistakes up to experience.

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Gardening isn’t an innate ability. No one was born already an accomplished gardener. Everyone still needs to get their hands dirty and get down to business, with a green thumb or not.