2017 Patio Trends to Try for your Homes

Exterior Covered PatioAccording to Fox News, adding a patio in your home increases its resale value while at the same time allowing homeowners to enjoy the outdoors all year round with little maintenance.

Maybe it is high time you convince your spouse into finally building that patio. Before getting your latest magazine and choosing between which Stratco patio design you would want for your own, here are some patio trends worth knowing shared by Just Patios

Patio trends for 2017 

  1. Colour

Green might be the colour of the year, but the trend for patio furniture is inspired by a mix of colours from the concrete jungle and the laid-back vibe of the countryside. Aqua, seafoam, melon, khaki and butterscotch are among the colours that would make it big this 2017. These, along with other colours are made more vibrant and luscious by increasing its saturation.

  1. Materials

The use of natural materials (i.e. wood) for furniture has steadily been on the rise since a few years back and would continue to do so this year. The difference, however, is that more and more homeowners and designers are willing to use natural materials (even the delicate ones, provided it will be well protected) as their outdoor furniture.

  1. Old and the new

The mixture of colour reflects the desire of homeowners and designers to mix old and new materials in giving life to their patio. Revamping old furniture and giving them a fresh new look with the latest material and colour trend has been on the rise since last year and would continue to do so, even more, this year.

  1. Roofing
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Homeowners would prefer having a roof over their patios this year as the area would be used more for entertainment purposes.

Invest in making your patios an area that can add more value to your homes while at the same time enjoying it as an area for you and your family to relax.