Must-Haves in a Handicapped-Friendly Bathroom

A handicapped woman being helped by an assistant

Physically challenged individuals or those with limited mobility may find routine or daily tasks very difficult. A simple activity such as bathing has been a challenge for those who are handicapped. The mere act of getting in the bathtub can be a very hard, if not painful experience.

Aside from the pain they have to go through in going into the tub or shower room, they are also prone to slipping and falls. For these reasons, the traditional bathroom can be renovated into a more handicapped-friendly space.

Handicapped Tubs

Handicapped tubs are now popular since they offer a more convenient way for physically challenged individuals to have a bath. There are many benefits of using handicapped tubs. These are used to minimize difficulty in bathing for people who have mobility issues. Moreover, they lessen the risks of accidents like falling or slipping.

Grab Bars

Installing grab bars in bathing areas is recommended for homes of people who are handicapped. These bars will ensure that they can navigate in the bathroom areas with ease and the risk of falls will be lessened.

More Space

Physically challenged individuals use crutches or wheelchairs to move around. It is ideal for the bathroom to have more space so they can move around without difficulty. Allowing easier access to everything in the bathroom will enable handicapped individuals to feel a sense of independence.

Non-slip Floors

Since handicapped individuals find it hard to maintain their balance, especially when moving around the bathroom, it is recommended to install non-slip floors. These floor tiles are important in providing safety among physically challenged individuals since they prevent slipping and falls.

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The bathroom can present many access challenges to people who use a wheelchair or have mobility issues. Providing a bathroom that is safe, secured, and handicapped-friendly will lift the burden they are feeling whenever they bathe or use the toilet.