Mold and Fungi-Related Health Issues: Why You Should be Concerned

Humid and wet conditions indoors can cause mold formation. Mold is a type of fungi (a microscopic organism) that can grow rapidly and release spores, which is their means of reproduction. These spores can cause illness in humans and pets.

  • Remove the mold instantly

If you suspect or find mold formation in wet areas of your home or office, especially after a storm or heavy rainfall, make sure you remove them immediately. You can remove small patches on your own, but if there is a large infestation, AAA Restoration suggests calling service providers offering mold removal services in Utah or any other state you live in.

  • Adverse effects of indoor mold

If you continue to inhale airborne mold particles or spores for an extended period, these can become a health hazard and cause asthma, respiratory problems, and other allergic reactions. 

When you inhale mold spores, they land in your respiratory system. Your body will then try to get rid of these immediately. In this attempt, your immune system might overreact and rise to an allergic reaction. This could lead to a sore throat, a bad cold, or sneezing. Children and the elderly are especially at a greater risk, as their immune systems are weaker.

  • Other health issues

Exposure to large quantities of mold spores can aggravate your asthma (if you have a history). In an asthma attack, the airways might close fully or partially and result in breathing problems. The throat can also get scratchy and the muscles there can tighten. Other problems include chest congestion and tightness, skin irritation, eye irritation, headache, nasal congestion and sinus problems, and cough.

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As health problems can escalate in the presence of mold, recognize mold formations in the corners, hidden areas, ceilings, crevices, and other areas of your property. Mold can be black, brown, green, yellow, white (stain-like), or discolored. It also emits a musty smell. 

Call professionals as soon as possible to remove mold from your home. Don't wait until it's too late.