What’s the Summer Outlook in the United States This Year?

A few months from now, the United States will welcome summer, a time when it’s awesome to go to the beach or up the mountains to beat the heat. As early as now, though, you need to plan more of these activities as the season may get even hotter this year.

Summer Forecast

Because the United States is so enormous and varied in topography, summers can be vastly different if you’re on the East or West Coast. Nevertheless, according to the Weather Channel, temperatures for this year will be slightly above average than the previous ones. Those living in the south and west will experience some of the highest temperature increases.

If you’re residing in Arkansas, this can be uncomfortable at the very least. The landlocked state features a humid subtropical climate, which means summers often meat clammy skin and profuse sweating. The humidity only enhances the feeling of searing heat. Fortunately, the state has a lot of excellent camping grounds and beaches to go to, but it still pays to have your AR air conditioning from Kennedy Air Conditioning this spring. By ensuring it works well by summer, you save money (as defective A/Cs can use too much electricity) and make yourself comfortable anytime.

El Nino’s Coming?

Getting your A/C fixed is also the best way to prep for a possible El Nino, which may arrive late 2017. Depending on the severity, it can increase precipitation in the southern part of the country. In Arkansas, it may mean more rainfall and less snow during the winter, as what happened in 2015. There will also be fewer chances of tornadoes, but if the weather pattern continues until spring, there may be severe weather disturbances this season.

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Whether these weather forecasts will come true or not, nobody knows, but you can use them to prepare you and your plans.